Frequently Asked Questions

What are our performance options?

Great Ladies of American Song is a tribute to many of the greatest female performers of past decades.  You’ll be dazzled with tunes from classic country stars like Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton, as well as songs from early contemporary divas like Carole King, Peggy Lee, and Ella Fitzgerald.  We’ve also included selections from the Andrews Sisters, Dixie Chicks, Linda Ronstadt and many more. 

1940’s Radio Gold show is a 45-minute blast into the past where we recreate the production of a 1940’s Radio show in front of a “live studio audience”, complete with classic commercials, USO girls, Dick Tracy, and a tribute to WWII.  You’ll hear classic tunes in rich 4-part harmony with full choreography, costumes, and dialogue. 

We also offer:
Tres Belles - our strolling act in which we present up to a dozen songs in tight 3-part a capella harmony.  This show can be performed in a stationary setting or while strolling through crowds.  No sound system is required.

Where do we perform?

Lady Luck is based out of the midwest but will travel anywhere.  We have performed in a variety of venues throughout Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Iowa. Whether your event is for a small crowd or for thousands, we can put on a great show anywhere that can support a sound system and provide a stage.

Do we provide a sound system?

We prefer to use your system, but we can rent one if necessary and charge you accordingly.  Both of our stage shows require a sound system that will support 3-5 microphones and high quality backing tracks.

Will we customize our shows for corporations or for special occasions?

We are happy to accommodate special requests to fit in with your inspirational, patriotic, or motivational needs, or to pay tribute to a person or company. To add 1-3 special requests, we require at least 3 months booking notice.

How long are our shows?

Both stage shows run 45-50 minutes in length.  The strolling show runs approximately 35 minutes if tunes are strung back to back, but can run longer if songs are recycled for new crowds.

What are your performance space requirements?

We prefer a stage measuring a minimum of 20 x 15 ft. and a costume changing area.

What songs are included in our shows?

We can provide a detailed list of songs upon request.

How far in advance can you book us?

We will schedule as far out as one year.

How did we get together?

We all met in college at Utah State University – yup, we’re all True Aggies!  We began singing together over 20 years ago as Sunburst Singers/Sun Valley Carolers and have continued to perform together off and on since then.  We began performing as the Lady Luck Trio in 2014.